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  • 인재상
  • 인재양성
  • 복리후생
  • 채용절차
  • 채용공고
  • Selective benefits system
    It is a system of promoting good health and a stable living standard through welfare improvements and educational support for employees. Employees can choose benefits selectively using the points given by the company.
  • Performance-based compensation scheme
    It is a profit distribution incentive scheme, in which a profit goal is set for a certain period of time, and if it is achieved, the excess profit is shared with employees.
  • Interest assistance system for housing loans
    Loan interest on mortgages is assisted to promote stable housing for employees.
  • Family support payment scheme
    Child support is paid for preschool children over five years old.
  • Family allowance payment scheme
    Family allowance is paid to support the dependents of employees.
  • Medical cost assistance system
    A portion of annual medical costs of employees and their dependents is supported.
  • Residence hall scheme
    A residence hall is provided to promote stable working conditions.
  • Assistance scheme for expenditure on congratulations and condolences
    Expenditure on congratulations and condolences is reimbursed.
  • Communication cost support scheme
    Part of the monthly telephone cost is supported.
  • Workers' group insurance subscription system
    Employees are subscribed to a group insurance in addition to four major social insurances to provide stable working conditions.
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