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  • 인재상
  • 인재양성
  • 복리후생
  • 채용절차
  • 채용공고
Cultivation Principle of Human Resource of Performance Creation Type equipped with SIT value and job competence.
  • Development of organizational capability
    • Construction of organization culture
    • Education first
  • Hands-on oriented
    • Cultivation of job experts
    • Cultivation of management experts
  • Self-directed learning
    • Career development roadmap
    • Efficient cultivation roadmap
  • Creation of strategic performance
    • Cultivation of core human resources
    • Cultivation of human resources of the performance/creation type
Human resources promotion course
  • Enterprise course
    • Learning day operation
    • Preventive education on sexual harassment and industrial safety prevention education, etc.
  • Operation of in-company qualification system
    • Execution of PLC/HMI in-company qualification test after taking certification from public institutions.
  • External course
    • Participation in education through external education institutions and local and international seminars.
  • In-company job course
    • SatEye system basic course
    • SatEye system Networking technical course
    • SatEye system understanding course
    • HMI Factory Link course
    • HMI PVSS course
    • Beginner's course for SIEMENS PLC Developer
    • Intermediate course for SIEMENS PLC Developer
    • Course of FTVIEW SE etc.
  • Online course
    • Course on leadership/change-directed/job innovation/communication through external online education institutions
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