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Hanhwa strives to employ talented persons armed with three core values: "challenge, dedication, and integrity" based on trust and loyalty.
People embracing Challenge Pursue excellence through change and innovation by breaking away from complacency
  • Engage in active self-development
    towards being the best in your field
    • Short- and long-term goals of self-improvement are set systematically, and opportunities and plans to achieve the goals and practice them are actively pursued.
    • Changes in trends related to preferred affiliates and jobs are identified at all times.
    • Basic knowledge and experience are acquired to foster professionalism related to preferred job, and the mentors' wisdom about preferred job is sought.
  • Find opportunities and new ways of doing things through open-mindedness and creativity
    • New ideas are tried in order to expand one's thinking, without adhering to existing methods.
    • Critical thinking is applied to consider one's circumstances, and efforts and directions for improvement are sought to find a better solution.
    • A person who listens to the opinions of various people without bias or prejudice and accepts them accordingly.
  • Set challenging goals and work towards achieving them with a can-do spirit.
    • The purpose of setting challenges and goals is understood and challenging personal goals that correspond to the organizational goals are established.
    • A step-by-step implementation plan is established to achieve goals and execute them as planned.
    • A person who is prepared to produce better results based on lessons learnt after failure.
Treasure the relationships with colleagues, company, and customers and commit to achieving a greater goal.
  • Put 'us' before 'me' and
    'our goal' before 'my goal'.
    • The personal goal is linked with the organizational goal, recognizing personal development as organizational development.
    • Once a goal is determined, Hanwha people use all their potential and capabilities to achieve that goal.
    • Hanwha people participate in efforts to achieve common goals rather than pursuing their personal interest when cooperation with others or other organizations is needed.
  • Treasure the promise with customers and continue to create customer value.
    • They judge their own behavior as well as the team's decision making based on the needs of the customer and people.
    • They prepare an improvement plan after monitoring customer feedback and people's opinions continuously and reflect the opinions in the project.
    • They consider how to impress customers and seek the best practice to impress customers.
  • Trust in each other's abilities and collaborate based on strong sense of unity.
    • They propagate their own knowhow actively for common advancement with their colleagues.
    • They help each other as much as they can when being asked for help to accomplish a mission.
    • They move first to share the difficulties of other colleagues while performing their missions.
People of Integrity Stick to principles, be impartial, and take pride in doing so
  • Do not be swayed by immediate gains. Be honest and stick to the principles.
    • They tell the story as it is without faking plausibility or telling lies.
    • They correct their wrongdoings which stray from integrity after monitoring and discovering them.
    • They makes decisions by considering the short- and long-term consequences while performing their mission.
  • Do not mix business with pleasure. Be impartial and treat others based on their performance and achievements.
    • They accept the performance and capabilities of colleagues the way they are.
    • They accept feedback objectively from colleagues and create and execute improvement plans.
    • They identify the weaknesses and strengths of others objectively rather than based on personal connections, and perform their mission according to the real interest of the organization or team.
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