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Press & Automation (FOL-Front of Line, EOL-End of Line) 제어 시스템

Vehicle Part Production Press and Automation (FOL/EOL) Control System

Major Features

Accumulated Know-How Abundant know-how accumulated through the execution of a large number of customer's
Press control system supply projects for 10 years.
Manufacturing High-Quality Control Panel Customer requirements are reflected actively and the best control panel is manufactured
using high quality materials.
Technical Competitiveness Advantages Differentiated design/program/commissioning can be achieved by fulfilling the standard
regulations of the finished car makers (GM/Ford/NISSAN) completely.

Electrical Monorail System Main Achievements
Location Project Name Year
Mexico GM Silao 7500T Press & Automation #2 Line 2016
USA GNMA Pontiac 7500T Press & Automation Line
Mexico GM Silao 7500T Press & Automation #1 Lines 2015
USA GNMA Lansing 7500T Press & Automation 2 Lines 2014
Russia CosKunoz XL Press Line Electronic System 2013
Thailand Nissan Thailand 5400T Press Line 2013
Korea Hwasin 2700T Transfer Press Electronic Work 2013
Russia GM Russia Togliatti 2250T Electronic Work 2013
Korea GMK Bupyeong #12 Line Press Retrofit 2012
USA GM Texas 2250T Press Line Electronic Work 2012
USA COSMA Drive/kamtek 1600T/2000T Press Line 2012
Mexico GM Mexico SLP 2250T Press Line 2012
Columbia GM Columbia 3300T Press Electronic Work 2011
Mexico GM Mexica SLP G1UC 2250T Press Line 2010
Thailand GM Thailand 1800T Press Line 2009
Poland GM Poland 2000T Press Line 2008
India GM India 2000T Press Line 2007
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