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FMCS refers to a system of monitoring and controlling all facilities that supply utilities in factories in real time.
It includes HVAC, outdoor fresh air conditioner, power, and water treatment system.



고객 주도적 시스템 Various techniques are supported to increase the convenience of monitoring.
HMI consisting of standardized symbols with high visibility is provided.
Easy to add user customized functions according to the operation standards of our company.
Various expendable options can be applied for advanced process control.
협업을 위한 개방성 Support of various interfaces with other top level solutions.
Implementation of gateway to standardize interfaces with various lower level systems.
Implementation of system that maximizes collective knowledge between operators by systematization of
operational know-how.
벤더 종속적인 설비들과의 능동적 인터페이스 Active interface based on universality
- HMI that can be accessed from Web, CS, and mobile devices
- Various types of communication support (Serial[232/485]/Modbus/OPC/S7/Omron etc.)
Support of various Internet-based protocols

Power monitoring and control system

"A system that enables the uninterrupted supply of power at all times by monitoring the supply state of power
used in factories in real time and controlling various power facilities remotely and manually."

Main Features
Monitoring and control / receipt and distribution of electricity - Power quality improvements through 24-hour real-time monitoring
- Visualization of control point displayed via integrated screen
- Prevention of circuit breaker operation error and operational malfunction
Prevention and diagnosis function (cable temperature, dissolved gas, partial discharge, etc.) - Precautionary prevention of failures by monitoring specific targets
(cable, dissolved gas, partial discharge, and batteries)
Digital switchboard - Various digital meter communications
- Development of IEC61850 Network and integrated monitoring

Gas and chemical monitoring and control system

"A monitoring system for ensuring the safe use of gas and chemicals by monitoring whether hazardous conditions occur or not
such as harmful gas and chemical substance leakages in supply facilities that provide gas & chemicals to various places in factories."

Main Features
Monitoring of large amount of gas and chemical processing facilities (facility specifications, replacement information, history management etc.) - 200 to 300 monitoring points can be monitored by a 3D screen
Early Alarm System (LMS, Notice Viewer) - Rapid detection and response for hazardous situations through various alarm systems

HVAC monitoring and control system

"HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning system) is a system that establishes optimum conditions of temperature,
humidity, air current, ventilation, and cleanliness at production sites (semiconductors)."

Main Features
Monitoring Functions - Maintains cleanroom environment which requires high standard of cleanliness (Class 1 – 100),
providing optimum manufacturing conditions through 24-hour real-time monitoring.
Feedforward control in outdoor fresh air conditioners of exhaust automation control - Significant reduction of replacement operation time through automation of replacement operation
- Precise control through simultaneous combination control of front and rear-end of outdoor fresh
air conditioners
Notice viewer, LMS sending, and interlock control - Rapid detection and response for hazardous situations through various alarm systems

De-ionized water monitoring and control system

"UPW (Ultra Pure Water/De-Ionized Water is pure water from which all pollutants have been removed. It is widely
used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. In particular, it is used in supply water during the cutting and
cleaning of wafers, including wet processes. The system controls all facilities that manufacture de-ionized water."

Main Features
Monitoring and control of the UPW - Visualization of control point displayed via integrated screen
- Tower automatic regeneration and RO automatic cleaning
Early Alarm System (LMS, Notice Viewer) - Configuration of redundancy network and controller
- Selection control between main controller and loop controller

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